Our Mission is to Develop Quality Instruction, Production, and Publication that serves worldwide needs.

Our Foundation & Background

Garden City began in exploring how creativity and innovation can and does further edify God's people in worship and mission.  Since asking this question ourselves, and through posing the question to others, we've seen projects spring up in technology, music, art, education, and more; everyone seeking to help the church mature in glorifying and growing in Christian faith.

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We value beauty in both craft and character! We want to help people behold, contemplate, encounter, and ponder truth and beauty together. Secondly, we want to develop people in their own creativity, character and culture.  Read more here about:

Our Name(s): 
Garden City  | GCP Doxology

Our Doctrine:
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Our Plan:  
Circular Design | Our Values

We are passionate about God’s Glory, Theology, and Beauty, and how, through Creativity, Character and Culture, we can edify the church in worship and mission.
— Founder, Dave Yauk