Efforts to Meet Worldwide Needs ...

We have developed a Garden/City on the internet.  It is a place where ideas, innovation, and creativity are planted like "seeds."  These seeds grow into networks of people, and these people create a culture.  Our vision is to see every Christian embracing their identity as a "creative" within God's kingdom. When we all see ourselves as innovators within all areas of home, work, and play, God's kingdom will go forth in mighty and redemptive ways. We celebrate the explosion of God's work on the earth, and we want to equip it in the following ways:

GCP MARKETPLACE | Discover & Collaborate

A Family of Businesses & Innovators that work together to create for the good of projects that help the church, the fatherless, the orphan and the widow in worship and mission.


The projects produced by our Family of Artists and Innovators work together to consider beauty unto the worship and mission of the Triune God. You can enjoy our contributor's work or contribute your ideas NOW. 

GCP Educate | Learn & TEach

A Family of Educator's working together using any educational platform available to develop our reasoned worldview. You can create, join, or facilitate a class NOW.

GCP Bundles & GCP Press | Launch & Produce

A Family of Publication & Production that works together to affordably launch and produce your next venture in a community and for the community with a circular model of funding that promises to only enable you and your work not own you. You can launch your idea in full branding, publication or production NOW.

Our REal Passion | Worldwide Needs

At Garden City we believe the greatest gift of creativity and innovation is to fulfill Jesus' instructions to care for the fatherless, the orphan, and widow.