Upload contributive pieces of innovative, artistic, inventive and/or creative content that either tells the gospel, adorns a doctrine or theological truth, beautifies a scripture verse, chapter, or book of the Bible, or a Transposition piece that contemplates creation (See our 1st Transposition Project). All submission types are welcomed. 

In submitting your item it opens you up to the following 3-Tiers of Partnership:

  • Approved submissions done apart from us will be added to our Marketplace where artists can promote their work to our large audience and network.

  • Approved ideas done in partnership with us will go in our Gallery and be promoted via our Blog for all to behold and enjoy.

  • Approved ideas that need further heavy lifting in promotion, production, or publication can be submitted HERE, and are eligible to our wider services and connections.

  •  Your locally developed creativity can now be globally enjoyed through our partnership with YOUVERSION, an app with over 300 million downloads. See all current studies.

We want you to participate in helping us to build the church up in worship and mission via creativity and innovation! We are currently accepting submissions to all our projects through our Blog. Learn more about all of them Now.

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