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A creative album that represents over 12 different church denominational traditions and 4,000 years of history ...

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Scriptural Examples of Liturgy 
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Song Selection Tool | Fillable Form 
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Liturgical Planning Guide | Fillable Form
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YouVersion Bible Studies on Singing, Liturgy, the Worship Leader, the Lord's Supper and over 45 other topics are LIVE NOW. Over 350k completions so far.

Album Releases 2020


Everyone and everything has a liturgy—a form. We all have a way of defining the world and we all desire to live into some kind of story—the stadium, the supermarket, the church, the college, etc. Everything in all of life follows a pattern in how it gathers and speaks to us, how it solicits a response from us, and in how it desires to commission us into its mission and purpose. Our habits, rhythms, and daily schedules form us around what we believe to be the “good life.” 

God forms us in to the kingdom “good life.” Jesus forms us. He follows a “shape” and ministry in his kingdom. His ministry over the cosmos, church, and culture impacts all of us. There is no such thing as “no form.” Everything forms us! Therefore, we need to distinguish between good and poor forms.

In our Gathered Worship, we observe a form. All churches have a time devoted to a greeting (call to worship from God), a time for the Word (God speaks), a time to respond (we surrender to God), and time to be sent out (God sends). We all do it a bit differently in the specifics, but this general rhythm is how God deals with his gathered people. That's what this album is about. It takes the biblical, historical, and theological liturgy ("form") from over 12 different denominational traditions, ranging over 4,000 years, and explores these artifacts in a relevant, musical, and creative way. 

Sadly, the church in general, has dumbed down worship to "just music" when it is so much more. We've also given the impression that our experience of God is limited only to quiet times and when we gather as a family. The resources below will explore how our worship includes the beauty of gathering, but also includes our scattering into all realms of home, work, and play across the earth.

The Doxology Series | Books are LIVE NOW

Our little CD size booklets of 80-160 pages relating to theology have three different names or titles on the cover. This is a bit unusual, but is nonetheless intentional.

The first title, The Doxology Series, captures our vision and hope for these booklets as a whole. The second title, Both/And, explains our tactic and approach toward the various theological issues that we will engage and explore. The third title, Reconsidering—followed by a specific topic, should give the reader a general feel of our attitude and demeanor as we question or pick apart issues important to the Christian faith.

Without too much delay, and in order to avoid any confusion, pick up one of our books today. We hope it will enrich all of our faith, teach us all how to preserve unity in looking at Biblical and Theological issues from a both/and perspective rather than a divisive either/or, and cause us all to deepen in our love for Jesus and our love for the kingdom family of God



In this book, a keyword-outline of total, text, tone, and target is used to provide users with a simple way to objectively think through the songs they sing and consider their depth and usefulness in edifying Christ's church. This book also helps explain the Song Selection Tool (Find it and more in "Fillable PDF" format above).

The Lord's Supper

This little CD-sized book considers the Lord's Supper from a unique perspective. Our research deals less with the Mode of the Bread and Wine (the historical debate over what happens to the "elements" themselves), and more with the Meaning and the Method of observing the Lord's meal. 

The Worship Leader & Liturgy

The term "Worship Leader" is considered normal, and the word "Liturgy" is either unfamiliar or considered to be negative. This CD-size book considers the both/and way to engage these issues in order to deepen our understanding about Worship, about Jesus's role of leading worship throughout the cosmos, church, and culture, and the Bible's teaching on the importance of liturgy.