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COMING 2018: 
What Will This Software Do?

Anyone can present solid information! However, to apply what someone learns to you or your context, it's going to take those who know you best. No one knows your strengths and weaknesses like those closest to you. We want to put the personal, practical and pastoral touch back into learning. This software will enable the following:

1) Creating a Class: Our approved course creator's will research, produce, and develop the courses. APPLY TO DESIGN A COURSE FOR US.

2) Joining a Class: You then can purchase a class for an absurdly low fee, and join one that is already in session . . . OR

3) Facilitating a Class: You and/or your group can choose a fascinator that can best grade your projects and guide your group through the process of the course.  Then you, as a group, walk the learning out together in true discussion, dialogue and discipleship.