General Permissions

Any content that is directly solicited, hired out and/or created in strategic partnership with The Garden City Project is expressly owned by Garden City. All rights reserved. © TheGardenCityProject.

However, GCP is also a networking site where we strive to put the creation back in the hands of the creator.  We therefore prize the rights that our external contributors have to their content.  Our external contributors retain the copyright and full ownership of their own work.

GCP reserves the right to deny or delete any content submitted through its platform. GCP will work in partnership, and with expressed written permission with our contributors if we desire to edit, add, subtract, or sell a creators submission.


Use with consent

Without our consent, anyone can link to our site in a general or specific way.  However, if a person extracts content from our site in any fashion: 

Text: Extractions from all our published work can be no more than 150 words and the borrower must provide a link on their site back to our original source. We consent that hard copies of our literature (of any kind) may be made for distribution in the amount of 30 copies, and our blog posts can be reprinted verbatim in non-commercial publications (e.g. letters, documents, newsletters) provided that the following is included:  © TheGardenCityProject.  All rights reserved. Originally published at

Media: Links can be posted in any fashion to our content from external platforms, but 30 second clips per individual video and song can also be made and reposted to websites and social media platforms, provided that a link back to our sites original location is included.  Photos of any kind can be linked to from external sites but may not be used in website or printed material without the expressed written consent of the creator.

Not Without Consent

Consent for use must be obtained from the original creator for our entire content if:

  • You desire to use partial or complete content for commercial purposes, including selling, licensing, or printing digital portions.
  • You attempt to alter, reform, or build upon the work.
  • You desire to use our created material, connections or resources in the building of your own website, business, or idea.



Translation of our work is at this time prohibited as we do not possess the resources to validate its quality.

Re-posting content verbatim is prohibited based on ethics, but also Google penalizes us for re-posting the same material.