Singer/Songwriter Toolbox

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Singer/Songwriter Toolbox


In this series, Dave Yauk, with over 20+ years experience teaching music, and having written and played for over 15 albums, shows you the skills to succeed as a rhythm acoustic guitar player and a songwriter. Work on techniques like Travis Picking, combining chords with melody and more! Learn how to take everyday life experiences and musical moments and turn them in to songs!

Here’s a list of the videos:

  1. Singer/Songwriter Toolbox

  2. Introduction to Travis Picking

  3. Travis Picking & Melody

  4. Creating Movement & Interest

  5. Breaking Down Strum Patterns

  6. Finger Picking Variations

  7. Finger Picking Variations Practice

  8. Getting Used to the Click

  9. Playing and Singing Together

  10. Playing and Singing Together Exercises

  11. Using Anchor and Pivot Points

  12. Starting With the Lyric

  13. Starting With the Lyric Pt. 2

  14. The Songwriter’s Mindset

  15. What are You Communicating

  16. The Responsibility of the Songwriter

  17. Songwriting as Storytelling

  18. Cadences

  19. Turnaround

  20. Slap and Percussive Playing Made Easy

  21. Slap and Riffing

  22. Slap Variations

  23. Advanced Strumming

  24. Groove and Improv

  25. Arranging a Song

  26. Explaining Pocket

  27. Foundations of Rhythm Guitar

  28. Foundations of Rhythm Guitar Pt. 2

  29. Working with Triplets

  30. Going Through Patterns

  31. Sixteenth Note Strumming

  32. All in One Exercise

  33. All in One Groove

  34. Latin Groove

  35. Add Interest to Your Progressions

  36. The Importance of the Strum Pattern

  37. Melody and Rhythm

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